Gringo Native American Chief Headdress - Blue, Yellow & Black

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Gringo Native American Chief Headdress - Blue, Yellow & Black

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Beautiful Fair Trade native american headdress hand crafted to an extremely high standard using real feathers.

Featuring a faux leather head piece with a traditional beaded forehead band, side feathers, faux fur sections and and the impressive main feathers with blue black and yellow tips. Perfect for fancy dress and parties, we sell hundreds to happy festival folk each summer!

PLEASE NOTE: because these headdresses are all hand crafted the colourful forehead band, faux fur sections and head piece vary with each headdress, they are likely to differ from the one shown in the pictures (in both colour and design) - but they are all AMAZING!  If there is a particular colour or design that you would prefer then please include it as a 'Note to seller' when you are going through the checkout - if you can't find this option then just send us an email - and we will do our best to find you a headdress that most suits your needs!

Materials: Feathers, felt, faux leather, faux fur and plastic beading.

Sizing: Available in one size, suitable for adults and teenagers.