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Loud clothes, festivals and positive production in far away places

Back in the day

Where it all began


becoming loudelephant

Our online presence has grown and grown since it was started in 2011 and has really helped us to bring together two of our biggest passions: dressing the world in colour and helping elephants. For many years we have been sponsoring elephants through the Save Elephant Foundation based at the Elephant Nature Park in the Mae Taeng Valley, just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. LoudElephant is our way of incorporating this passion for elephant conservation with our existing business so that a generous portion of the money generated through sales goes directly towards elephant conservation projects around the world.

When we started donating money from every sale we extended our support to two more charities in addition to the Save Elephant Foundation - The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Elephant Family. David Shepherd works mostly with elephants in Africa and Elephant Family primarily supports projects in India and South East Asia. Supporting these three charities enables us to support a worldwide network of elephant conservation projects. To find out more about these charities click here.

Dressing the world in colour has also gone from strength to strength, we are still manufacturing clothing in three countries and we're always on the lookout for new eye-catching prints and cloths to make our clothes from. We specialise in classic garments that stand out because of the loud prints we have chosen. We are constantly updating our collection of unique Loud Originals shirts and our women's wear range is growing all the time with over 40 different styles available in hundreds of different prints.  


The Farm

We are very lucky to be based in rural West Sussex, nestled among the beautiful South Downs. The countryside provides a calming base away from the often hectic and intense places that we travel to for buying and selling our wares.

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